murnicoco.com is part of PT MURNI AGUNG INDO. A trading company for conventional and organic certified agricultural products. Our company provides products in small and large quantities. The products we provide are the best quality products at very competitive prices because we have professional suppliers and business partners to guarantee quality and quality.

The purpose of establishing our company is to help farmers and household production to market their products to international markets. We have more than one supplier so we can help meet the product criteria you need. We already have export permits from the central government ranging from the Ministry of Trade to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia. We are determined to serve customers wholeheartedly because customer satisfaction is a priority for us.


Coconut has become part of Indonesia’s cultural and culinary wealth. Indonesia is the country with the longest equator in the world and has the 2nd longest coastline in the world, so coconut which is a tropical plant can grow optimally in Indonesia. This is what makes Indonesia the largest coconut producing country in the world.
Indonesia has the potential to become the number one coconut producer in the world, especially its derivative products.

With this predicate, we strive to meet high-quality coconut derivative products from Indone

Minyak Kelapa Murni( VCO)

Minyak kelapa murni atau virgin coconut oil (VCO) adalah minyak kelapa yang dibuat dari daging kelapa segar (bukan kopra).

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Minyak Kelapa

Refined Coconut Oil atau biasa dikenal dengan RBD Coconut Oil adalah jenis minyak olahan pabrikan yang populer dan memiliki banyak manfaat.


Briket adalah arang yang diolah lebih lanjut sehingga mempunyai daya serap yang tinggi terhadap bahan yang berbentuk larutan atau uap.


Coconut sugar atau Gula kelapa adalah gula yang diperoleh dari proses pemekatan nira.


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Kelapa Parut Kering

Kelapa parut merupakan daging buah kelapa yang segar dan matang yang telah dikupas, diparut, digiling, dikeringkan, diayak, dan diproses secara higienis.